The Dreamer and the Achiever – PAVAN RAO ❤️

All the people in this world have dreams, everybody dreams, but there are only some people who can actually achieve their dreams! Pavan Rao, he’s one of them!  

This guy was born with some kind of a spark! He had passion for dancing. His raw talent needed some furnishing, so on 25th May 2011, he joined the Fictitious Dance Group in order to sharpen himself and show his talent to others. Being a member of the Fictitious Group, he was a part of India’s Got Talent season 3, where he performed exceptionally well with his crew, and won the title!
Declared as the winners with his crew, he further got opportunities to dance in many South Indian and Bollywood movies. He danced along with the Superstar of Bollywood, Salman Khan in the the movie Jai Ho’s title song.
Down Duppa song from the movie Racegurram starring Allu Arjun and Shruti Hasan, was also one of the first movies where he danced alongside the stars.Also, he danced with small screen stars on reality shows like Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhla Ja, and gave a special performance in Boogie Woogie.

Further on, being with his crew, he performed in different parts of the country, and therefore became known as a member of one of India’s Best Dance Groups! This was just the beginning of his journey…
The talent of the Fictitious Group was acknowledged by one of India’s best choreographers and well-known directors, Remo D’souza! He had been highly impressed by the talent of this group, and so he gave them a chance to show their dance skills in India’s first 3D Dance movie- Any Body Can Dance (ABCD)! Being a part of Fictitious, even Pavan got an opportunity to be a part of this dance movie! ABCD was just a gateway that opened the gates to many opportunities for him!

All these opportunities, helped him so much in improving himself as a dancer, and mostly as a performer! 
In this way, slowly steadily, Pavan started experiencing new things in life, most of which changed his life in many positive ways! 
From an ordinary person, to a dancer of one of the Best Dance Groups of the country, Pavan did not know what more had life planned for him! 
He was only a dancer until the day, Remo D’souza decided to make a sequel to his dance movie ABCD, which he decided to base it on the real life story of the dance group which Pavan belonged to! And the best part of it all, was that Pavan was unknown to the fact that Remo sir was going to make a huge turn in his life, as he offered Pavan to star as one of the actors in his movie, ABCD2 ❤️

The real life changing point of Pavan was undoubtedly ABCD2. The rehearsals for the movie had begun in the month of April in 2014, and that was when I saw him for the first time! ❤️ 

From a dancer, Pavan was about to become an actor. The rehearsals and shootings started for ABCD2. The best part of being a part of this movie was that Pavan got an opportunity to go to one of his Dream Destinations, Las Vegas. 

And what happened there, made his dream come true! He met his favourite sickest dancers, the Les Twins, Laurent and Larry in Las Vegas! Meeting your favourite artists is always like a dream come true, and so one of Pavan’s dreams came true that day!

During the ABCD2 era, Pavan made new friends, most of whom are the best dancers of India. Being with them, Pavan further flourished in his talent! 
The most special part of it all was that he was one of the co-actors to the Hearthrobs of the current generation; Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor ❤️ 

Also, he was lucky enough to be dancing with the Dancing Legend; Prabhu Deva, in ABCD2!

One of the biggest days in his life was 19th June 2015, the day when his debut movie released worldwide. And better than that, was the news of ABCD2 entering the 100 crore club at the Box office and baging 3 awards at different award shows!

As I said before, ABCD2 was another gateway to his achievements in life. After ABCD2, as Fictitious Group split, he then became a part of Kings United India, formed by his mentor, Suresh Mukund, who’s been there with him since 2011, guiding him and making him what he is today…

Soon after Kings United formed, Pavan got one of the best opportunities that he could have ever imagined of! He was selected to compete against the best hip hop dance crews from all over the world in World Hip Hop Championship (HHI 2015) in California, USA.

With just twenty days of practice, he went to California for the championship!As they got very little time to prepare the act, Pavan rehearsed with the other Kings from the morning till the night, all day- everyday, and worked really hard despite all the pain, suffering and sleepless nights! The Kings made it to HHI. But how long could a man stay healthy for, with all these sleepless nights and unlimited whole-day rehearsals!? Unfortunately, Pavan got attacked by Hepatitis during HHI! Despite his sickness and all the cramps he got just before his performance, he still did not give up, and performed on the world stage, got a standing ovation from the crowd and therefore beame the Bronze Medalist of World HipHop Championship 2015!

He proved that nothing could ever stop him from fulfilling his dreams! He proved everyone that sickness, pain and suffering can never affect you, when your will power is greater than every thing else! Despite all the obstacles on his way, he showed that Dreams Do Come True when you work hard! He became a World Hip Hop Champion and made his mentor, his parents and many others, including me, really very proud! :’)
Our Coconut Tree Guy left no efforts to make us proud of him during HHI ❤️

After coming back to Mumbai, he did not knew that new opportunities would be waiting for him… Pavan got opportunities to teach in different workshops, and so he shared his talent with numerous people through various workshops like Dancing With Celebrities(2015), RnP – BeWithNepal Workshop(2015), RSDW Workshop (2016), and Dance With Madhuri, where he taught Vande Mataram from ABCD2!

From dancing, to acting Pavan had made it far, yet more opportunities came in his life! He became a part of different TV Commercials like TicTac TVC, and NumeroUNO TVC, which are being aired on TV these days!

Now, Pavan has become a hearthrob model as well! He is really slaying everywhere with his talent and good looks!

He has always been such a hardworking and dedicated guy, and so the results of all these, can be clearly seen now…
From working hard to maintain a very good physique to transforming himself over the years, Pavan has really worked hard to become the best he can!

Pavan came into my life in 2014, and at that moment I had no idea that he would ever be so important for me, but with time I fell for him, and now I consider him as one of the most special persons in my life ❤️
His journey so far has proved his excellency in all the fields he has been associated with! To be very honest, I had never thought that he would ever inspire me, but now I can proudly say that Pavan is one of my biggest inspirations! 
This post is just not about my love, admiration and respect for my favourite guy, but it is a token of love, appreciation and a tribute to one of the dreamers and achievers I know!
Whatever he is today, is all because of his hard work, dedication and talent that has made him stand out in a crowd! 
He is one of those few people who has showed me that Dreams do come true when you work hard! 
It’s been more than 2 years that I’ve known him, and till today, he has never failed to make me smile. 🙂 
I adore and appreciate him from the bottom of my heart, and will always do! 
Just hoping to see him doing much better in the days to come, getting new opportunities and fulfilling his real dreams! 
I’m just so proud of him! :’)

P A V A N   R A O, the real dreamer and achiever ❤️


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